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Porn is the number one subject on the main search engines of the internet. The porn industry offers such a wide variety of fetishes and different types of media in which we may satisfy our desires (from videos and pictures to interactive sex or live web cams) that would be almost impossible to gather every category of pornography at one place.

Due to the easy accessibility to porn offered by the internet today, porn addiction is a subject that is very commented among sexologists and also web developers, two professions that seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Some people may find it amusing, but porn addiction is a serious problem. Doctors believe that such vicious behavior of dedicating time and effort to find pornography can be so devastating and dangerous for a person's life than alcohol or heavier drugs. Causing dependence and personal problems in the person's familiar and professional relationships, porn addiction is only starting to be recognized by the community in general as a real disease. In fact, recent researches proved that the effects that the constant exposure to pornographic material may cause the same brain effects as heroin.

Although porn addiction was already a reality before the spreading of the internet, the access to pornographic material was reduced primarily to magazines and videos. But, being wide available, anonymous and at least partly free, online porn helped to increase not only the incidence of such problem, but also its intensity on the people affected.

Ironically, the cure for porn addiction may be found on the internet as well. There are many reliable websites offering help to people addicted to porn. Such help comes in the form of programs such as the ones we see in AAA centers or software that track the internet activity of the addicted, helping other trustful person (a relative or partner) to control the addiction.

Dvd / video
Post on 29-09-2006.
"one NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET," "THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE" Two of modern horror's pioneering slasher flicks return in new DVD incarnations. "one Nightmare on Elm Street," with Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, the creep with the claws who infiltrates victims' dreams, comes with an alternate ending, three featurettes and commentary by director Wes Craven and co-stars John Saxon and Heather Langenkamp. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," about one road trip that turns savage for one group of college kids who encounter chainsaw-wielding "Leatherface" and his family of cannibals, comes in one two-disc set with two behind-the-scenes documentaries, deleted scenes and commentary with director Tobe Hooper and much of the cast. ...
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Cast: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Li Gong, Naomie Harris
Post on 29-09-2006.
It's therefore self-serious at times, it'll prompt you to laugh out loud at moments that aren't supposed to be funny. Which is one total letdown because, theoretically, this is Michael Mann's pure, true vision, now that he's free from the television decency standards that constrained him when his series was at the height of its pop-culture prowess in the mid-1980s. ...
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Pornography has its benefits
Post on 29-09-2006.
The sexy thing to do these days when it comes to internet pornography is to regulate. The Federal Government is into it, with proposals to amend the Broadcasting Services Act to tighten internet content regulation. Federal Labor has joined the party too, with Beazley screaming out that the Australian Communications and Media Authority should ban international websites which contain graphic sexual material. ...
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